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Health Care & Medical-Forensic Examination

Date: March 19 – 21

Location: BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre, Vancouver, BC
The course will include 3 days in Vancouver in the BC Women’s website, and two days of e-learning in the home in your time. Details regarding e-learning modules will be available in February after registration has closed.
There’s increasing recognition that violence against women is a serious social issue with important impacts on all facets of women’s lives and well-being. Knowing gender-based violence and the proper approach to the care of sexual attack patients has become considered a core competency for medical care professionals.However, all too often, sexual assault survivors are re-traumatized if they seek aid. The negative effects for these patients might be deep and long-term.

Learning Objectives:
Through this blended training course, physicians and doctors at any point of the career will:

■ Deepen their understanding of their societal context of sexual attack and also a women-centred care strategy
■ Recognize such comprehension as the basis for providing detailed, intense sexual assault wellness care, and proper forensic evaluation.

Building on this base, physicians and nurses will:

■ Be certain providing crisis counselling and advocacy
■ Know the crucial elements of a sexual attack health evaluation and evaluation
■ Feel positive describing sexual assault medical — forensic options
■ Know the best way to provide prophylactic health care choices, incl. HIV post-exposure prophylaxis
■ Enjoy the value of supplying appropriate community referrals
■ Know how to perform a forensic evaluation and collect / handle forensic proof
■ Know how to compose a medical — lawful report
■ Be certain interacting with additional sexual attack related solutions, incl. Authorities
■ Know how to prepare for and testify in court as an expert opinion

Recognizing that lots of patients don’t disclose past or recent sexual assault, this training may also offer physicians and nurses with the knowledge, judgment and skills to supply sensitive, proper health care, irrespective of disclosure.

This training was developed by the Sexual Assault Service (SAS), BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre (BCW). BCW SAS has provided comprehensive health care and medical-forensic choices to sexual assault survivors for more than 30 decades. As the provincial source for sexual assault medical care, we also have provided instruction, resources and consultation to health care professionals, government ministries and community based agencies, locally, nationally and globally.

On the day of Thursday March 20, speculum examination training is scheduled. This training is oriented towards healthcare providers that have minimal or no experience with speculum examinations. There are limited spaces for this particular training.

Please register early to secure a place for your own speculum exam training.